Indoor air fog is steadily increasing, and our animals are even much under fire to venomous mobile chemicals than we are. Long term chemical exposure can pb to metabolic process problems, shell diseases, assorted other diseases moving meat specified as the viscus and kidneys, and even malignant neoplasm.

We can manufacture our homes more environmentally rosy for our pets by using products that include fewer poisonous chemicals. The behind listing provides the name calling of products that may comprise mobile chemicals and quite a lot of improved alternative products.


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Paints - Low venomous sea supported paints (low VOCs), casein

Synthetic Carpets - Natural materials specified as sisal, seagrass, coir, textile (untreated near lindate, etc)

Vinyl Flooring - Cork, linoleum

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Varnishes - Beeswax, flaxseed oil, unfinished wood

Cleaning Products - Water & vinegar, lemon juice, baking hot soda, element peroxide

Fabric Softener - Avoid exploitation (due to magnitude of chemical emissions)

Plywood, Composition Boards - Solid wood, Exterior laminate only

Room Deodorizers - Cloves, lavendar, redolent flowers, interested windows

Glue - Use thicket cement or else of solvent - based bonding agent. Ventilate address.

Synthetic Pesticides - Clean & vacuity customarily.
Close off any openings in marital.
Avoid construction materials circa source that could tempt insects.

Laundry Detergents - Unscented products, biodegradable


  • Environmental Protection Agency 800/438-4318,
  • Environmental Health Clearinghouse 800/643-4794
  • Washington Toxics Coalition 206/652-1545,
  • National Pesticide Telecommunications Netword 800/858-7378,
  • National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides 202/543-5450,

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