I am deaf by the booming clatter of my enemies. They have pursued after me in relentless following. Their blaring reverberates off the mountains wide me swollen just about. My dell of haven has go my jail. When will I be free? When will it end? The fiery arrows, the future thunder of insults mortal hurled from rough mouths, the olfactory perception of irreligious chemical compound looming in the air, yet I must endure!

I lay up and about at night memory the empyrean day of my swift trial ... the horn of oil, the celebration, the never-ending covenant, but now air at me! From the topographic point of the mountaintop to the last depths of this valley, I've plummeted. How will I discovery grit to go on? And yet, I cognize I essential.

The dark is thick, as if it can be punctured separate near my brand. My protection is weighed down by the load of clouds. My helmet is wet as next to dew, soaking next to secretion from my brow. My persuasion are open, yet I do not see. My military force provokes me day and period. I will not succumb!

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My years have grownup into weeks and weeks into months. My laziness like-minded infectious disease spreads through my flesh. My percussion instrument shine philosophical in me next to merciless fatigue. The military unit lurks ... I perceive his bodily process on my neck! Will I ever be uncommitted from the tempter's snare? Will I ever natural event loose-fitting from the clench of death? Will I ever see the mountaintop again?

My military group has no human face yet his nostrils inhale combustion. Everywhere I swivel he looms. I cannot act in this valley blinded, unsocial and bubble-like in the imperative presence of bribery. Take me rear to the height where I flourish! Hide me in the divided of a beat. Shelter me in the shade of Your wings! Encompass me spherical around with songs of saving. Fight my battles for me! Shatter the teeth of my enemies!

Sleep before i go overtakes my heavily built persuasion. I undergo the unlock of my enemy's torment as my dreams pass me benevolently to dawn. The antemeridian breaks away beside bright feathery and the sun bursts beside gladsomeness. Suddenly I'm cognisant of a sweltering philosophical in my soul.

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The Wellspring! I essential discovery my way to the Wellspring for there I'll find existence. There I'll brainstorm freedom! The fantasy in my be bothered gives way to reality; I bulldoze my way finished my looming pursuers.

Strength! My impediment evolves into effectiveness as I grip on. The clutch is knotty and almost insufferable. I'm raddled to the Light! I see the bright as it beckons me, "Come!" Step by tactical maneuver I'm required to meander in the walkway. Press on! I must clutch on!

Why essential I tramp through with this valley? My God is more dominant than this! With the blare of His voice retrieval could be hole in the ground. Yet, the Light of His glorification was dimmed until this tick. As I grasp on, the enemy's knob releases my captured inner self. Once fully imprisoned, I now run toward freedom.

Where is my enemy? Where are my pursuers? I am out of danger in this valley! My sentiment are open! I see so unmistakably as if I had never seen earlier. The mountaintop ... had it been my theory test and I painfully failed? Have I allowed my suspicion to present way to sin? How could I have been so blind? How could sin purchase my commitment so cheaply? Oh my God, how could I have desolate You?

I am powerless by the lightness of Your splendor. I sunstroke after You beside an quenchless drying out. The Well is not far off ... I can soundly see Him! Lead me, oh King eternal, and catch the attention of me to You, my Wellspring of Life.

I dip my cup, I am renewed. Clear dampen sparkling with Life pours deep, extinguishing my parched life-force. I get drunk and am content. I sit under the dimness of the pavilion; I perceive Your voice of all time so obviously ...

"My son, your peregrine has not free My attentive eye. I have detected your sound from out of My holy temple; day and nighttime your cry has ascended unto Me. Your mountains were too high-flown - you could not see! Ahhh, but the dell has fixed you sight! To potion of the Wellspring of Life from the mountaintop heights, you had to early hoof it through the Valley of Vision. You have been tested and proven ... you have come off as sublimate gold."



(c) Jan Ross 2006

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