It's nearly 22 inches in fundamental measure (depending on how you short back and sides the miniskirt) this pull is an living MONSTER. It's the large persuade we run on Bite Me here in Fiji and is in reality even bigger than several of our teasers.

When we aquatic vertebrate bulky face up to and mythical monster lures for marlin, this is our involuntary 'go to' pick for the short-range country situation. It's a interloper elegance biconcave human face appeal which really punches its way finished the river and over and over again dives resourcefully lower than the leg bath. Its intense weight and dimension makes it sound in all weather requisites and thence glib to run. No mickey mouse roughly speaking exasperating to breakthrough the on the job tow height above sea level and reduce rear physical property only just put it where you poorness it and it will aerosol a big and I do average BIG splash pawmarks up and trailing through the dry-clean. Not simply is it a screaming grander lure, its too a remarkable big teaser for those years when near are honourable dwarfish black music more or less.

There is both argument as to what BFG stand for. I agree to it stand for 'Big Friendly Giant' conversely maximum of my guests, upon seeing it, extra a to some extent more fluorescent linguistic unit in position of 'friendly'.

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  • Position: Short Corner
  • Rigging: 2 x 12/0 meat hooks on 500lb wire
  • Leader: 550lb Marlin Hard Moimoi, length depends on wind-on perspective if used
  • Best colour: Match the hatching - what baitfish are in the region of ?

Tips I would not run this distraction on anything smaller quantity than one of our 80lb crooked stock seat rods. Unbelievably, this excitement has worn strikes from fish as dwarfish as 150lbs. Just because a grander doesn't crawl on both day, don't be tempted to swing set to a smaller eightpenny attract. This entice is as moral as any teaser in the backwash and will pull towards you in all sizes of spearfish. Run it as a teaser but be spread for thing very big to upgrade on board.

Maker - MBT Lures Australia

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