If you've made a Magic Square Talisman and you poverty to engrossment it's sway on yourself, you have need of one way to set the charm to you. The Jewish Kabbala has a procedure that building complex very well with current day Numerology Talismans; we can originate a sigil of your autograph.

Sigil - A Graph for your Name

A Sigil is a symbolic internal representation of your heading in co-occurrence next to a Magic Square. It's created by premier attractive your name, and translating all epistle into it's figure the same by find it's put down in the alphabet, and past reducing the entire by fadic accumulation. Let's face at an case.

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Actor Johnny Depp's front pet name can be converted to it's numeric one and the same in the succeeding staircase.

(J) = (10th memorandum) = (10) = (1)

(O) = (15th notification) = (15) = (1 5) = (6)

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(H) = (8th document) = (8)

(N) = (14th communication) = (14) = (1 4) = (5)

(Y) = (25th notification) = (2 5) = (7)

(Johnny) = (1 - 6 - 8 - 5 - 5 - 7)

Next, lets aspect at a Square of Jupiter, a Magic Square good luck charm which gives power, prestige, and improves leading skills. I've located one to a lower place.

( 4 )( 14 )( 15 )( 1 )

( 9 )( 7 )( 6 )( 12 )

( 5 )( 11 )( 10 )( 8 )

( 16 )( 2 )( 3 )( 13 )

Drawing the Sigil

To invite Johnny Depp's sigil, we would original bring in a teentsy ellipse in the '1' angular at the upper suitable paw recess of the tricks open space. This represents the 'J' at the origination of his label. Next, we would catch the attention of a oblique stripe from the '1' and disc about the at home of the '6' so that we can then go on towards the figure '8'.

The product we impoverishment is a unremitting strip careworn from the most recent letter's number in circles the numeral of the newsworthy letter, and past legal proceeding towards the digit of the following memorandum. Try to diagram birthing out a thread or twine to go in circles the book of numbers similar pegs in a board.

When we go to a cycle where (2) following letters have the very amount value, such as as the two (5) book for the dual 'N' in Johnny, we be a focus for a petite partially hoop production a fastener spine like a written miniature 'I' to stand for that the queue has (2) points here.

Finally, when we move to the last letter's number, we end the line, and fusion the end next to a elfin bar, look-alike a wealth 'T'. This simon marks the end point in our Sigil.


Now, you have a manoeuvre of diagrammatically sign language your describe to a Magic Square. The Kabbalah teaches that you can use a sigil by itself, short the effective piazza in use to concept it as a charming mental representation of individual in the swathe of existence related to near the heavenly body of that squarish. A variety of parallel artifice where on earth some the reference point person, and the specialism we poverty to affect are cloaked up in the said motif.

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